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Amy Eggers
InventureX crowdfund marketing programs are customized to fit your exact needs. Some of the services available include pre-launch crowdfund marketing, consulting, branding, project setup, social media promotions, and online advertising. Crowdfund marketing requires a combination of strategy, tactics, and insight. InventureX does not rely on “luck” when launching a crowdfunding campaign. The proven strategies of InventureX are designed to minimize failure and maximize the funding you can raise on your crowdfunding campaign.  Visi... more
Amy Eggers Jun 25 '20 · Tags: inventurex inc
Amy Eggers
InventureX reviews hundreds of  product ideas each month and works with a select few. If your product is selected by InventureX then they will partner and begin work right away to build interest for your product, create a crowdfunding page, and manage all the launch and promotion to be successful. Working with InventureX allows you to get expert help with the crowdfund marketing, branding, and promotion to get funded. Not every project will qualify for their services. InventureX works with entrepreneurs by creating a partnershi... more
Amy Eggers Jun 15 '20 · Tags: inventurex inc
Rebecca Daniels
InventureX is known for its performance based crowdfund marketing approach. When InventureX partners with an entrepreneur or inventor to bring their idea into the crowdfunding arena, they share in the success. This helps InventureX work with some of the biggest ideas and create lasting partnerships with clients. Visit InventureX Inc to learn more.  The crowdfund marketing strategy used by InventureX has been proven to work for crowdfunding campaigns of all types. InventureX has had success in with various kinds of crowdfunding ... more
Rebecca Daniels Apr 24 '20 · Tags: inventurex inc