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Amy Eggers

InventureX crowdfund marketing programs are customized to fit your exact needs. Some of the services available include pre-launch crowdfund marketing, consulting, branding, project setup, social media promotions, and online advertising. Crowdfund marketing requires a combination of strategy, tactics, and insight. InventureX does not rely on “luck” when launching a crowdfunding campaign. The proven strategies of InventureX are designed to minimize failure and maximize the funding you can raise on your crowdfunding campaign.  Visit InventureX Inc for more details.

When InventureX reviews your crowdfunding idea they use an internal review process to determine if your product or service is suitable for crowdfunding. InventureX believes that adequate planning is the key crowdfunding success. Every project that InventureX launches is well coordinated over several weeks or months to ensure it will have the necessary exposure to hit its funding goals. Partnering with InventureX means having a dedicated crowdfund marketing team behind you and your next crowdfunding campaign that is committed to getting results. 

The programs InventureX has available for startups, entrepreneurs, and inventors include everything you would need to go from an idea to a hugely profitable business. Whether its product development, branding, crowdfunding marketing, or consulting, InventureX has you covered. Preparing for your first crowdfunding campaign is easy when you have the professional team at InventureX review your idea and create the perfect launch strategy.

InventureX crowdfunding programs are a full launch service for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other platforms. Crowdfunding allows you to raise funding for your idea and kickstart your business. Many entrepreneurs use InventureX to prove their product or service in the marketplace. Inventors often rely on InventureX to help them raise money to finish product development and fund their manufacturing. Crowdfunding with InventureX is a great way to raise capital without going into debt or losing control of your company. 

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo can be difficult without the right help. InventureX combines their extensive crowdfund marketing expertise with their experience launching early stage products and startups. The latest tools and crowdfund marketing strategies used by InventureX can help you identify and reach your target audience, gain massive exposure for your brand, and position your new project or service in the marketplace. The mission of InventureX is to help you from start to finish to have a successful crowdfunding launch and maximize your funding potential. 

InventureX is product launch firm that specializes in crowdfund marketing and online advertising. InventureX believes that crowdfunding is the future of entrepreneurship. Launching a new business idea has never been easier. InventureX is committed to helping entrepreneurs and inventors turn their ideas into reality through the use of crowdfunding. 

Thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign for your big idea? InventureX may be able to help you! The first step to partnering with InventureX includes an in-depth InventureX crowdfunding review of your business idea. You can also learn more at

Amy Eggers

InventureX reviews hundreds of  product ideas each month and works with a select few. If your product is selected by InventureX then they will partner and begin work right away to build interest for your product, create a crowdfunding page, and manage all the launch and promotion to be successful.

Working with InventureX allows you to get expert help with the crowdfund marketing, branding, and promotion to get funded. Not every project will qualify for their services. InventureX works with entrepreneurs by creating a partnership and sharing in the success of the crowdfunding raise. This allows entrepreneurs to get the help they need now and help cover some of the startup costs. Visit, InventureX Inc for more details.

InventureX takes into consideration the project idea before partnering up with the entrepreneur. Once you get the green light then the team decides on how much percentage they’ll take and the steps needed to make the project a success. The business model presents a win-win for both entrepreneur and the marketing agency in the sense that the more you keep the InventureX happy the greater the chances of your project getting the funds it needs to get started.

Since 2012, InventureX has been at the forefront of helping startups and entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. The team at InventureX comes from the fast paced work of tech startups in LA and Silicon Valley. They combine their experiences with product launch and crowdfunding marketing to create one of the leading crowdfunding firms. 

Preparing to crowdfund is just as important as the crowdfund promotions itself. The InventureX crowdfunding team says that you need an idea, a plan, and a passion to get anything funded. Many InventureX clients have raised 50k, 100k, and even one million dollars or more with their help. You own success depends on your product idea, but rest assured that InventureX crowdfunding services can help you reach your full potential. 

InventureX has helped raise over 20 million dollars for crowdfunders on platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others. They specialize in product launches of all kinds, both physical products and web based services such as mobile app ideas. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles in their business and transform it into a profitable venture with the help of crowdfunding.

Submit your idea for an InventureX review and see if crowdfunding is right for you. Due to the high number of crowdfunding ideas pitched to InventureX each week, not every idea will qualify for their crowdfunding program. Bring your idea and your passion to see if it makes since to partner with InventureX today. Submit your idea online at

Rebecca Daniels

InventureX is known for its performance based crowdfund marketing approach. When InventureX partners with an entrepreneur or inventor to bring their idea into the crowdfunding arena, they share in the success. This helps InventureX work with some of the biggest ideas and create lasting partnerships with clients. Visit InventureX Inc to learn more. 

The crowdfund marketing strategy used by InventureX has been proven to work for crowdfunding campaigns of all types. InventureX has had success in with various kinds of crowdfunding projects. Whether you have a traditional crowdfunding campaign consisting of a physical product or gadget, or you need to raise money for a mobile app or service, InventureX can guide you through the process.

Crowdfunding is a unique approach to financing a business. It helps streamline the customary model of getting financial support for a product or company. You basically have one platform, which you will build and you will use to showcase and pitch your resources. It becomes easier to get the chance to demonstrate your plans, product, or business to several interested parties. You also provide them with more ways of helping your firm grow.

InventureX crowdfund marketing helps entrepreneurs raise money and launch profitable business ventures. Partnering with InventureX allows you to get crowdfund marketing experts behind your project. They use a combination of crowdfund marketing, branding, and advertising expertise to help you gain exposure and maximize your funding. 

The InventureX crowdfunding promotions are designed to identify a reach your perfect target audience. They also have extensive relationships with the crowdfunding community, allowing them to get the support and backing of Kickstarter users. This allows you to drive sales and backing from your core target audience as well as the larger crowdfunding community.

Raising money for your business with crowdfunding can be difficult without the right strategy in place. Without the proper planning your project can fall short of its funding goal. InventureX reviews your idea and puts in place a winning strategy to launch and fund your project before you launch. This strategy consists of three core elements: preparation, launch, and promotions. 

InventureX builds interest for your project before you even launch it. This strategy has proven to be an effective way to hit larger funding goals. InventureX has helped launch crowdfunding projects that have raised six figures and even seven figure amounts. Depending on your funding goal, InventureX will put in place the ideal strategy and planning to ensure your success. Get in touch with their team at