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Amy Eggers

InventureX crowdfund marketing programs are customized to fit your exact needs. Some of the services available include pre-launch crowdfund marketing, consulting, branding, project setup, social media promotions, and online advertising. Crowdfund marketing requires a combination of strategy, tactics, and insight. InventureX does not rely on “luck” when launching a crowdfunding campaign. The proven strategies of InventureX are designed to minimize failure and maximize the funding you can raise on your crowdfunding campaign.  Visit InventureX crowdfunding reviews for more details.

When InventureX reviews your crowdfunding idea they use an internal review process to determine if your product or service is suitable for crowdfunding. InventureX believes that adequate planning is the key crowdfunding success. Every project that InventureX launches is well coordinated over several weeks or months to ensure it will have the necessary exposure to hit its funding goals. Partnering with InventureX means having a dedicated crowdfund marketing team behind you and your next crowdfunding campaign that is committed to getting results. 

The programs InventureX has available for startups, entrepreneurs, and inventors include everything you would need to go from an idea to a hugely profitable business. Whether its product development, branding, crowdfunding marketing, or consulting, InventureX has you covered. Preparing for your first crowdfunding campaign is easy when you have the professional team at InventureX review your idea and create the perfect launch strategy.

InventureX crowdfunding programs are a full launch service for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other platforms. Crowdfunding allows you to raise funding for your idea and kickstart your business. Many entrepreneurs use InventureX to prove their product or service in the marketplace. Inventors often rely on InventureX to help them raise money to finish product development and fund their manufacturing. Crowdfunding with InventureX is a great way to raise capital without going into debt or losing control of your company. 

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo can be difficult without the right help. InventureX combines their extensive crowdfund marketing expertise with their experience launching early stage products and startups. The latest tools and crowdfund marketing strategies used by InventureX can help you identify and reach your target audience, gain massive exposure for your brand, and position your new project or service in the marketplace. The mission of InventureX is to help you from start to finish to have a successful crowdfunding launch and maximize your funding potential. 

InventureX is product launch firm that specializes in crowdfund marketing and online advertising. InventureX believes that crowdfunding is the future of entrepreneurship. Launching a new business idea has never been easier. InventureX is committed to helping entrepreneurs and inventors turn their ideas into reality through the use of crowdfunding. 

Thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign for your big idea? InventureX may be able to help you! The first step to partnering with InventureX includes an in-depth InventureX crowdfunding review of your business idea. You can also learn more at

Rebecca Daniels

Established in 2012, the Digital Identity Group is firm that specializes in cleaning up the internet, literally. They have an elite team of take down experts that help both individuals and small businesses get relief from damaging content posted online. 

Many business owners are at risk of having their name tarnished online. Websites such as Ripoff Report prey on small businesses who are struck by fake reviews or outright slander. Luckily there is a solution. The Digital Identity Group has a proven method to not only remove the damaging content but prevent it from coming back. Visit, Digital Identity Group reviews for more details. 

If you have a Ripoff Report on the first pages of Google then there is little you can do to bury it. SEO companies will post positive content in an attempt to bury the report. Unfortunately, the results are often disappointing and temporary. The Digital Identity Group was created by reputation experts who specialize in actual removal of the content, not just burying it. 

The only lasting solution to false or damaging content is of course to have it removed or delisted from Google search results. This process is has been used successfully in over 1500 cases by the Digital Identity Group. Their success rate in removing qualifying content is nearly 100%. 

Ripoff Report does not want you to know about this method. They make money when their victims are in the dark. When you feel like you have no options is when they are likely to get money from you to “edit” your review and charge other services which will not result in any removal. 

If you or your business has been struck by Ripoff Report then you need to contact a removal expert such as the Digital Identity Group. Most small business owners report losing thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars or more yearly from a Ripoff Report. However, that doesn’t have to be you. 

You need professional help in this matter. The Digital Identity Group is there to protect your good name and get the content removed. Don’t let these review websites manipulate or intimidate you. There is a permanent solution to the reviews, and it starts with working with the Digital Identity Group. They can help you start an effective removal strategy that is right for you. 

Learn more by going to their website at