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I can clarify this. Fundamentally, when you queue up to get a battleground, there's a popup at the center of the screen with an"enter battleground" and then"depart queue" alternative. The bot technology seems to be pretty simplistic so they are programmed to just click on the area of wow classic gold the display where the battleground button is. But inviting someone to a team will give you the exact same popup, with"take" and"decline". It apparently can not tell the difference. I agree so many bots got screwed this manner although it is a huge security flaw, so silver lining I guess?

Perhaps to team up with other robots, or leech off pursuit growth and mob tags from people that (they presume ) do not know any better? Though, yeah, I am slightly suspicious it also apparently auto-accepted the summon (you are supposed to get a confirmation prompt), and somehow the individual who had been running the bot never understood their ranking was getting tanked.

On the 1 hand, having played Vanilla before it became WOW Classic, I must laugh in the bot scourge. Bots were a scourge back too, but my nostalgia demands I claim it was because Blizzard was still underfunded, as it'd just been a year or two since the launching of WoW and their most lucrative years were still ahead of them. I've fond memories of the community bot threads on pvp servers, even where ally and horde would go to report individuals they saw botting so as to put hits out on those people the other faction would take. Really, the first cross-faction collaboration to happen on pvp servers has been the communal effort to fuck over bots. So, indeed, it's the WOW Classic encounter to have to manage botting.

But, on the other hand, it sucks that they refuse to answer that properly now they absolutely have the resources, expertise, and money to finance the measures to block the bots. Additionally, with bots having shown they were so profitable on live, it is obvious that botting in WOW Classic would also be a problem. So it is disgraceful that they'd even consider allowing it to get this bad.

Honestly, part of me always felt, in retrospect, WOW Classic would end up being a clear money grab by a depraved firm with zero care for the consumer experience, but I had hope that they would somehow do it properly. But no, they are doing nothing to prevent the various things which are plaguing it. Probably hiding behind the defense of"#no varies" while they do that, too.

Entertaining things. I first started playing WoW in May 2019 and played for about 6 months until I lost interest. The N'Zoth expansion was so boring--just endless grinding and lore that made no sense to me, and my attempts to catch up to the lore by reading online only made me more and more confounded. So I finally quit playing. It is a shame, since parts of WOW Classic were very enjoyable and well executed, but it seems the expansion packs just get worse and worse. I suppose it's difficult to maintain creative energy for 20 years on precisely the exact same world, particularly when you need to buy classic gold wow focus the narrative on anxieties and raised stakes for gameplay, but Blizzard has done a dreadful job of it IMO.

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