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Oh and from this point, soloing is almost non-existant, as anything that will give experience at this time is pretty much at a raid zone. On the flip side, Runescape did promote socializing. I wish it had quests. The raids were enjoyable because of its day though. It's the exact opposite. Runescape ended up placing the capacity to RS gold order Pizza Hut directly into Runescape, this was like ~2004. The whole culture around Runescape places the South Park WoW event to pity. RS is a whole lot easier going in contrast.

The two back in the afternoon and I set a more reasonable aim assists with burnout. I haven't logged in for a couple of days and just powered back up to 100 battle. Did the same thing when I first came back and hit 88 fletching. After I max quests and get 70 all that I probably will end up stopping though, or enjoying very sparingly. But for a whole lot of Runescape there's enough going on till you hit higher levels.

Basically happened with me in my primary. Started feeling like the time dedication was past 70s, even 60s for a few skills. I thought the grind to 65 att and def, then str (somehow thought I had def instead of str to get in the warrior guild) was a long grind and I was only going from 60. I recognized my mill was tame and gradually strolled out 70s. Then got 80s and felt that the 70 grind was tame. Now I have 81/84/79 89 array 80 mage and 70 prayer and do not really even remember the grinds. Like the previous one the grind that is current feels for me. I am already half way to 91 and only recently got 90 farming.

Some skills I do hate though. Fletching is only 57 I think so my Tears of Guthix visit RC, and I only train it. I also hate thieving. RC is bad and agility is ok, getting close to 70 in it. You just can't compare yourself to others in a game such as this. If folks wish to act as if they're much better than you, just because they perform more hours, then that's sad for them but do not let it influence your own mentality. Simply play how you wish to play and achieve things which are realistic and enjoyable for you. I admit this game does have elitism difficulties and it's probably why I never truly appreciated clan chats, but I enjoyed hitting and playing my own goals.

You need to pay for membership, so I never bought a bond. So I am able to play games I like, I work, I should not have to operate in Runescape to afford to play with it. I dont know percent of players are playing this game, its mystery. They despise playing Runescape, they need everything easier, they despise skills, they hate quests, they hate how they interact with RuneScape gold buy everything, they need 1000 upgrades to ironman until they can enjoy ironman.

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Aug 24 '20



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