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The manner because game is wonderful. I can not even express in words how blown away I was by the amount of Mut 21 coins thickness, the amount of detail, and the amount of customization that is available. It is unreal. You can do anything which you could possibly imagine, and there's stuff in there I didn't even know I desired in Madden. Retiring jersey amounts. Custom expansion teams with custom logos and everything. A style make adjustments and plays. Customizable jerseys - I mean you can make ANYTHING you can think of. Hell, you can even customize the stadium you play and what types of noises play from the speakers during events.

In addition, this game has jumbotron options than Madden has pre-built movement teams. I can't even fathom how truly amazing it would be to have this level of depth and customization at a Madden. It is so disappointing heading back to Madden and seeing what it is like. Man, I hope we can see a Madden one-day like 2k. I understand some elderly Maddens had light years more customization than it does today, but man, 2k20 was a real eye opener to what is possible.

What is crazy is every time that I talk to people that play 2K, not madden about how dope the 2K franchise is, they think that it is not something special. It true if you don't compare it into madden tbh. 2k has put the exact same MyLeague over and over again for decades and have not fixed gamebreaking problems with it. Just like Madden that the cpu can't handle contracts for shit so 99% of the nba is 70 million in the luxury tax after 2 seasons. Service is stupid. Bol Bol played his rookie year on my team, didn't play a single minute, and asked for 25 mil who offseason.

Player development is absolute garbage. It is one hundred percent based on a players"potential attribute" instead of generation. 2k has depth but the fundamentals are so fucked the game style becomes a shitshow following like 2 seasons. Do not even mention the glitch where centers won't sign with your team and request literal billion dollar contracts that has been in the game for 5+ years. However, the difference is you can adjust luxury and salary size, the inflation and even how much the players request to paid.

In Madden you're stuck with contracts that are broken and CPU, in 2k you can help manage that, hell in Madden the cap doesn't even increase in the year to year, possess RFAs, tenders, exceptions etc.. The difference between the two can only be appreciated if you have tried to play the awful Madden franchise.

What is crap with progression being based on a player's potential? Stat based progression is so backwards and the XP system Madden utilizes is the worst progression system I have ever seen while playing soccer games because the 90s. Players play. Madden literally does it as reverse as you can. I disagree. I think that the 1 thing Madden even remotely got right was that the progression system and cheap mut coins madden 21 even that still needs work.

In addition to this, if they use that old system - they would have a completely split model for the participant's chat head - which is why no body/torso is displayed in the chatbox. I am not in a position to RuneScape gold make any proposals, although there's probably a simpler way to do it. Anyhow so - you may have to re-model each and every chathead with the face/hair exposed, and rework expressions to look less. Weird?

Anyway, this all becomes a massive project, and they are already hardly putting out anything since it is - and what we do get typically does something dumb like disables item pick-ups, or triggers nightmare-inducing model-glitches of items like PoF animals. It's not that I do not believe they can do it. It is that I think they won't because of this time-sink (unless it includes a new game/new tech/etc.) And since they're already having a hard time doing simple jobs that keep breaking due to mechanical issues that are old.

They would need to QA a great deal of stuff - and you know how much QA because it is, we get. Again, this is all strictly going off of such as the original tech - they could have shifted their stuff, and just didn't ever mention it. But using the methods makes this sort of thing pretty tough, from a logical perspective. Another thing to note for you to do a little research in is that the tragedy which is the approximately 165 until they ditched the enchanting system, Slayer Helmet's.

This is mostly an issue happening ahead of on the entire world was hit by the Wuhan Virus. No - because I have replied to several other people - I know it's fairly absurd just how over-monetized RS3 is, especially in the present situation. Unfortunately I can not suggest alternatives other than cutting back - that is contrary to the purpose of what they're attempting to perform (milk cash in Runescape), which isn't a possibility.

However negative of a response you provide - short of leaving Jagex goods completely, they won't create any real attempts to make monetization better/fairer if they are not legally forced to. That being said - you would think they would want to invest in furthering Runescape better, making things more modernized with the current gaming standards to attempt and make Runescape better. There was a post on here the other day about them partnering with another team, and everyone memeing about the way they claimed to"direct the dev world with numerous games" or something - which is interesting considering they are one of the worst at monetizing (they are way worse, but they are extremely low on this scale anyway).

Because of how aggressive they are, and also the fact that you can't just outright purchase some things, and rather have to gamble for them - which should technically be illegal, and that I doubt they are in any politician's pockets right now. Time will tell how that goes down. I still find it intriguing how they're always super hyped about their background - and yet they clearly did not learn anything out of it, and have pretty much tarnished their new with their community by not building off what's seen as'great' by community members, and rather continuing to do exactly what a sizable portion of the community disagrees with. It is their game in the end, but if you make something unpalatable, individuals will not continue eating buy OSRS gold forever.
Oh and from this point, soloing is almost non-existant, as anything that will give experience at this time is pretty much at a raid zone. On the flip side, Runescape did promote socializing. I wish it had quests. The raids were enjoyable because of its day though. It's the exact opposite. Runescape ended up placing the capacity to RS gold order Pizza Hut directly into Runescape, this was like ~2004. The whole culture around Runescape places the South Park WoW event to pity. RS is a whole lot easier going in contrast.

The two back in the afternoon and I set a more reasonable aim assists with burnout. I haven't logged in for a couple of days and just powered back up to 100 battle. Did the same thing when I first came back and hit 88 fletching. After I max quests and get 70 all that I probably will end up stopping though, or enjoying very sparingly. But for a whole lot of Runescape there's enough going on till you hit higher levels.

Basically happened with me in my primary. Started feeling like the time dedication was past 70s, even 60s for a few skills. I thought the grind to 65 att and def, then str (somehow thought I had def instead of str to get in the warrior guild) was a long grind and I was only going from 60. I recognized my mill was tame and gradually strolled out 70s. Then got 80s and felt that the 70 grind was tame. Now I have 81/84/79 89 array 80 mage and 70 prayer and do not really even remember the grinds. Like the previous one the grind that is current feels for me. I am already half way to 91 and only recently got 90 farming.

Some skills I do hate though. Fletching is only 57 I think so my Tears of Guthix visit RC, and I only train it. I also hate thieving. RC is bad and agility is ok, getting close to 70 in it. You just can't compare yourself to others in a game such as this. If folks wish to act as if they're much better than you, just because they perform more hours, then that's sad for them but do not let it influence your own mentality. Simply play how you wish to play and achieve things which are realistic and enjoyable for you. I admit this game does have elitism difficulties and it's probably why I never truly appreciated clan chats, but I enjoyed hitting and playing my own goals.

You need to pay for membership, so I never bought a bond. So I am able to play games I like, I work, I should not have to operate in Runescape to afford to play with it. I dont know percent of players are playing this game, its mystery. They despise playing Runescape, they need everything easier, they despise skills, they hate quests, they hate how they interact with RuneScape gold buy everything, they need 1000 upgrades to ironman until they can enjoy ironman.

But I blame modern gamers. I don't want to call my buddy a brain that is small and laugh about OSRS gold but that is the mentality. They want to jump in the endgame and become infuriated by the vast amounts of content locked behind quests and ability levels. RuneScape was not built in a day and unfortunately every movement Jagex takes to make RuneScape engaging and more fun adds even more layers to RuneScape that people won't ever bother to understand.

A good illustration of this is my knowledge of RuneScape. I know exactly where the choppable trees, freshwater fishing place, Stiles (the fish banknote exchanger), and also Brimhaven gate are in Musa Point. That understanding is burned into my head. But if I needed to smith a masterwork platebody, by way of example, I would have to search for every single necessary component and measure on the wiki because I'm just clueless. Trying to act without any of the understanding of RuneScape we build upon from our childhood experiences (in most cases) needs to be nauseating for somebody pitched into RuneScape with no concept of the mechanics or locational awareness.

OSRS player here. I began a RS3 Ironman and I got the hang from it, to some extent. But boy, were the initial weeks! I get it, if a match is as outdated as RuneScape is, an individual could expect that it is packed with articles. Problem is, it seems just like RuneScape wants you to learn/do EVERYTHING at the start of your accounts. Having played since 2006, I am quite knowledgeable about the overall gameplay and setting of RuneScape. Still, it took me so long to even remotely comprehend the massive mess the?interface" in RuneScape is. I had been thinking?how on Earth does a whole newcomer handle all of this? ".

After bit over a week now, I've completed complete soon, and all f2p quests, improved more...relearning everything. While still in the"new player experience" stage a lot has changed, I turned off the action tracker and just started doing my own thing and discovered so much better than doing exactly what RuneScape suggests I do. Twitch chat, and that has helped. However, 99.9% of fresh players/long hiatus returning gamers are not going to own all that. I think way facets are introduced have to Buy RS gold be reworked. They do not need to change burthorpe...again. But maybe even something as straightforward as disabling some features and introducing them over time. Say you do like demon slayer using"legacy" combat, then get skills after.

I think something like this should be the last thing when they eventually close OSRS Jagex does. I would pay AAA game price for RS gold an offline version of OSRS. 100%. Hell, it would be kinda fun to have it and also have Steam accomplishments. I delivered Ash a hyperlink to this article to get his view on it and I'll put his answer here if/when he answers, just to satisfy curiosity. Absolutely, I think we all can agree that this is a must to perform if OSRS'expires'. (Let us hope it never comes to this ).But in case it does, I'm with you and would gladly pay for an offline version so that it will permanently become immortalised.

The server"program" would need to be published from the offline format in order for this to be possible, enabling people to reverse engineer it and host perfrect recreations of their official game as private servers. Also it makes it much easier for individuals to find exploits that translate to the game. There are a whole lot of network-related attributes heavily embedded in to RuneScape, possibly jagex would need to devote a ton of time stripping those or you're operating all that shit and a SQL server. Games that are offline are much harder to monetize with subscriptions/MTX. Then there is the fact it would be pirated earlier or later. I am not trying to shit all over your fantasy but it's not really feasible at all, sorry.

U wouldn't ever need to train a skill again because content would not be locked if you can no clip / etc.. If u can use modded scripts and such I'm 100% sure you'd have 99 in every stat as a crazy with no work. The point do RuneScape for people is such to other players and to show achievements off so when you take out other players why do you want to go through each of the quests and stats? Would take more people from the main game which we want everyone we can get. Minus bitters and scammers. I spent a year and half grinding for dragon slayer 2 between school/work/life, a ton of other quests, all the pre reqs, hours of zulrah and vorkath praying for drops and I enjoyed it.

However, because I was not very rich and I just wanted to begin getting money for better equipment and using much more expensive equipment for pvm I'd about 100-200 m. That's when I began staking. A good deal of ups and downs but eventually made over 6b. All of the money I could ever need? I could not even force myself to enjoy vorkath or zulrah with max gear. And I lost all motivation to perform raids because it would take me months of clicking to prepare for raids at which The whole purpose is to earn money.... I have finally re gained some motivation but when you have unlimited access to RuneScape it will become pointless and nearly made me stop not or believe it. Just some food for thought not everyone is exactly the same but when you've got everything in RuneScape the one thing left to do is stake it lose all of it.

Looking for a laptop that is good to perform with RuneScape gold buy

Graphic card for OSRS

Some years I bought a gaming desktop PC to OSRS gold play League of Legends, subsequently moved on to OSRS. A few years ago my PC would not start anymore and because I had been busy graduation I did not look into it. But, I simply went to explore it and I'm surprised that I actually found the issue: my graphic card doesn't work anymore. I eliminated it (again surprised that I managed to do so lol) and it might start again. I was even able to perform OSRS while a graphic card was not. Is it bad for the PC if I do not use one? I remember spending some money on one, but I literally only use this desktop for OSRS (got a notebook for work), so if it's not needed, I prefer not to invest any cash on it. I play on runelite, use some higher drawing space, smooth animation and so on.

Your i7 probably already has enough GPU electricity (Intel HD) to operate Runelite with GPU enabled at 60+ FPS anyways. League of Legends won't be quite as lucky, however. I used to conduct league with an i5 with around 90 frames on moderate graphics on my notebook. It is not graphically intensive either, It depends on your resolution and what type of GPU you have. You had a high end Intel HD/dedicated GPU along with a res monitor. Although LoL gets updated constantly to be efficient.

A curry would do. But seriously, if you would like to be in a position to perform osrs. My is the GTX 1060. It's a fantastic mix of cost/performance. That's a choice for the price. Although I would recommend the 6 gig version. It's mature but frankly you do not need much else. It's only when you want more things like gaming at 8k, raytracing and most of of the fancy bells and whistles that you start needing more then that, and rendering versions. That isn't bad if it's something, to aspire to that, but it's somewhat excessive. The fact op need it for RuneScape kind of earning the latter of what I said invalid. Playing with osrs on 8k are near impossible, or at least provide you arm and neck strain.

It ought to be fine for this. You just may not find a experience that is fun by other people's standards. Like it won't interfere with your gameplay at all, but when you have a good dedicated graphics card with all the ideal runelite settings empowered you get close to the experience which you would need on osrs cellphone on a contemporary snapdragon 700+ smart mobile (which is buttery smooth since it's actually optimized).Ideally I would not even upgrade if I where you and with the way I know your workflow to get the desktop. If you had some other interest in gaming is when I would find the graphics card since it is going to basically allow you to play every game out there (including the lower end vr matches which you would find in the PlayStation VR shop like super sexy or job simulation ) when together with the integrated graphics card you are likely stuck to games like tf2, sims, group of legends, along with old Xbox 360 erra matches (fallout new Vegas) in reduced resolutions and crappy fps (15-30).The simple fact that RuneScape is nonrestrictive and non-linear means it is up to the players how they want to playwith. You set goals for yourself work, similar to Minecraft. There aren't any"leveling zones" where all of the low level people are crammed into one area and high-levels in a different. You can be max level and get experience from murdering cow, or it's possible to be level and try the content. Nowadays, most MMOs are designed to help keep you playing distilling this'MMO formula'of Cheap RS gold what keeps people playing & paying, and wind up getting more of a product than a match.
I've done exactly the exact same type of server double; classic wow gold development - no gear, From the start - in when the interest wanes until 4-5 expansions. It's normally year, a fantastic year and a half before the urge to play again comes back followed by a year and a half. TLPs brought me into EQ, I played Agnar to see what came prior to wow, its a very fun match, and ive been expecting TLPs because they announced WOW Classic.

Yeah, the only thing concerning TLP is that the timelines for WoW are so substantially different. But it might make sense to perform maybe two months of a patch before going, as to keep it operating. A cycle period to Wotlk may be 18 months in the long run. There is work to be done therefore it is going to take a fantastic while for them to prepare for that type of business model.

EQ is experiencing complete expansions in 3 months I'd hope that WoW becoming quicker paced would have a"patch" each month (and perhaps a bit quicker for BWL/ZG as they are proven to be a cakewalk if you have been farming MC for quite long). As much as I like the game, if it tried again it would have to be a cycle to keep me interested.

WOW Classic was performed correctly. The everquest time locked development servers were not. Like rangers, hybrids, in EQ, didnt get spells until level 9. But because of how tightly coupled the customer info and biomedical data are and the way hard-wired it is, they decided to not make the identical attempt the WOW Classic team did to supply a different client/client database to conduct legit old content. Therefore, hybrids begin getting their spells at level 1 or 2. And that is only an example. The list goes on: spells dont work the same, zones utilize images and modern layouts. Imagine orgrimmar in WOW Classic? It would just be incorrect. That is what everquest tlp did with Freeport and the common lands.

Yeah, unfortunately not what about EverQuest WOW Classic was really that great, so I enjoy the modern TLP version much more than than the neighborhood lead private approaches. And that is entirely fair. I really enjoy the changes. I wish they didnt gate some of their lower level spells by growth since some WOW Classic spells got moved up in level. The zone maps being modern just hurts and leads to content missing. Either way, however, the neighborhood is just as egotistical (generalization, there is good people both places) about the retail tlp since it's on p99 along with buy classic gold wow the economy gets broken fairly quick. The latter just seems to be an inherent problem with EQ though and also to be fair, black lotus says hi.
My OSRS accounts was wiped

Yesterday I discovered in my gmail that my account password was reset. So I reset it back going only on the official OSRS gold site and it was no problem. I even looked at the messages and status to check if there wasn't any bans or anything when it got botted and had been clean. I logged back onto OSRS and was Island and needed to devote a username. This was an accounts had for 10+ years. I even logged on my own account and it's where I last left it and completely normal. Is this normal for a stolen account? Iv seen people receive stats that were improved and recover theirs. Not a total wipe. Saw my account password alter. Changed it and went on the internet to me. I'd stats.

I actually had an account I played with my buddies for perhaps like a week only messing around on. I log in to. Tutorial island. I thought it was funny because I swore I had played on this account before, it'd my primary username and what. I am unsure what happened to the accounts as there was nothing in the email accounts linked to it.

Your account isnt wiped. You are able to login with the and launch it from fresh, although accounts dont move from rs3 to osrs far as such and stats go. If youre saying that you've been playing and have trained already then it sounds like youre just logging into the wrong account. Maybe you thought you used your rs3 acc to log in but you didn't. Idk just, but I do understand reports dont have damaged or reset. If you said it has been 3 months since you logged in last then look up your acc on the high scores.

I've trained my accounts and have had it since OS release, and the account is on the highscores. But my password reset is still on my email address when I do the forgot password on my first account. So its like they picked my account just like a lego block and lost it. My password resets are great to my email along with accounts, but when I log in im back at tutorial island. Youre logging in with the incorrect accounts mate. You might of Cheap RS gold not realized you're using a diff acc possibly or something im not sure, but if its on HS nevertheless then it means its active.
I can clarify this. Fundamentally, when you queue up to get a battleground, there's a popup at the center of the screen with an"enter battleground" and then"depart queue" alternative. The bot technology seems to be pretty simplistic so they are programmed to just click on the area of wow classic gold the display where the battleground button is. But inviting someone to a team will give you the exact same popup, with"take" and"decline". It apparently can not tell the difference. I agree so many bots got screwed this manner although it is a huge security flaw, so silver lining I guess?

Perhaps to team up with other robots, or leech off pursuit growth and mob tags from people that (they presume ) do not know any better? Though, yeah, I am slightly suspicious it also apparently auto-accepted the summon (you are supposed to get a confirmation prompt), and somehow the individual who had been running the bot never understood their ranking was getting tanked.

On the 1 hand, having played Vanilla before it became WOW Classic, I must laugh in the bot scourge. Bots were a scourge back too, but my nostalgia demands I claim it was because Blizzard was still underfunded, as it'd just been a year or two since the launching of WoW and their most lucrative years were still ahead of them. I've fond memories of the community bot threads on pvp servers, even where ally and horde would go to report individuals they saw botting so as to put hits out on those people the other faction would take. Really, the first cross-faction collaboration to happen on pvp servers has been the communal effort to fuck over bots. So, indeed, it's the WOW Classic encounter to have to manage botting.

But, on the other hand, it sucks that they refuse to answer that properly now they absolutely have the resources, expertise, and money to finance the measures to block the bots. Additionally, with bots having shown they were so profitable on live, it is obvious that botting in WOW Classic would also be a problem. So it is disgraceful that they'd even consider allowing it to get this bad.

Honestly, part of me always felt, in retrospect, WOW Classic would end up being a clear money grab by a depraved firm with zero care for the consumer experience, but I had hope that they would somehow do it properly. But no, they are doing nothing to prevent the various things which are plaguing it. Probably hiding behind the defense of"#no varies" while they do that, too.

Entertaining things. I first started playing WoW in May 2019 and played for about 6 months until I lost interest. The N'Zoth expansion was so boring--just endless grinding and lore that made no sense to me, and my attempts to catch up to the lore by reading online only made me more and more confounded. So I finally quit playing. It is a shame, since parts of WOW Classic were very enjoyable and well executed, but it seems the expansion packs just get worse and worse. I suppose it's difficult to maintain creative energy for 20 years on precisely the exact same world, particularly when you need to buy classic gold wow focus the narrative on anxieties and raised stakes for gameplay, but Blizzard has done a dreadful job of it IMO.
Shadow Bolt isn't terribly efficient and generally has to be utilized often in cases simply because most elites don't last long enough for their DOTs to matter. In addition they cannot create their own water. As a healer, I let them go ahead and wow classic gold Life Tap as wanted, but I let them know that in the midst of battle, my focus is on the tank chiefly and I will not empty my mana to maintain his mana pool up. Outside of combat, they could go nuts as long as I have enough mana for the forthcoming battles and my soul regen is keeping up.

That having been said, who the hell puts only a linen cloth? lol. Folks like to AFK in capitals. This way, they are in a central place and can keep a watch out for the LFG stations to find out if there's any dungeon runs popping up in Puggle that they might be interested in. Hey now! Leave these piggies. They are living a fantastic life being a hunter pet rather than somebody's meal.

Warriors who will not tank - I am a warrior. This is literally the ONE thing our class can do a rogue can't, and they've greater threat direction for dps. WOW Classic hunters have the worst scaling in WOW Classic, meaning Stat stick is much more useful on literally anybody else. And it isn't just a stat stick when a melee dps is utilizing it. Occasionally, that new weapon would cause the melee participant to modify their entire spec.

On WOW Classic hunters I generally agree but I do feel there are some exceptions in which things are best or most reasonable on WOW Classic hunters versus anybody else. I feel as though polearms are practically only useful on WOW Classic hunters for example. On alliance unwanted pretty much no one besides a hunter should want bone slicing hatchet, which also appears to be among the realistic BiS choices. I would argue barbarous sword is at a position that is similar, though that is soloable. I can not imagine who could really utilize warmonger. Some swords and daggers open up, although for horde side due to axes I'm unsure what the hunter options are there.

Nobody needs bone slicing hatchet. Rogues may need Fang, but most don't. Fury warriors need warblade longer if they are not orc or human and do not have Edgemasters, but there's no guarantee they'll find the offhand. Hunter weapons are pretty easy to get at the current stage. Nonetheless, it's not like it matters that which a hunter gets in their weapon slots anyway. The dps gap between getting BiS weapons and cheap wow gold classic having fine weapons to get a Hunter is minimal. It's more vanity than anything.
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